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Remember, it’s less costly to reactivate than get a new subscriber. This email stands out from so many of the “we want you back” r emails by its approach to getting to the bottom of your disinterest. Nice job Home Simple!

An Email Aha Moment after the Holiday Storm:
Give your customers a reason to buy again in January: When they buy during the holidays, include in your confirmation email a coupon that can be redeemed in post holiday. In mid January, send a reminder email to those who have not redeemed their coupon.
—The more you know… Thanks to Scott Hardigree of Email Industies

About one third of all shoppers will complete their Christmas shopping 10 days before Christmas – relevant email = influence = $$$

Keys to the Castle:
Relevant, personalized content to every subscriber based on their past behavior, present location and/or buying behavior – That’s Dynamic Content.
Dynamic content is also referred to as SMART or ADAPTIVE content because of its ability to change the content determined by the rules and the dynamic tags you insert in your email code.

Powerful insights from one of the partners we use – Emailmonks!

It’s never too late to get started on mapping your customer’s journey and start placing actionable email messaging to build relationship…just sayin….

Shared versus Private IP:
Email deliverability is affected by IP reputation which makes the decision to use a shared or dedicated IP address, key. A variety of factors that change with every business must be well considered – email sending volume, sender reputation, list hygiene, transactional versus manual sends, etc. – all play a role in the IP address decision for your business. What’s on your consideration list?

Applying automation to SOME of your email marketing efforts DOES make sense…just count the cost – great insight from this morning’s Adestra webinar.

Email Myth: The Bigger the list, the better the revenue – not necessarily so!
Although companies can still obtain a ROI through spray-and-pray techniques, emailing smaller, more segmented, personalized lists generate more revenue. Batch-and-blast emails often produce less engagement and result in less deliverability. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.

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